Hello, I am Parth. I am 6 years old.

My school did not open today because it is very hot in Delhi. I heard a new story from my grandfather. It is from Mahabharata.

One day Guru Dronacharya  was teaching Kauravas & Pandavas. He said,  “One should always be truthful”.

The next day everyone told Guru Dronacharya that they had learnt the lesson. But Yudhishtra said, “I am  trying to learn the lesson.”  

Yudhishtra gave the same answer the next day. Guru Dronacharya was puzzled and asked for the reason.  

Yudhishtra said, ” I have understood the meaning. Now I am trying to practice it. It is taking time.”

Guru Dronacharya was very happy. He told everyone, “True learning is to practice it.”  Yudhishtra always remained truthful.

I liked this story very much. Hope you like it too!

6 comments on “(being Indian) PRACTICE WHAT YOU LEARN

  1. Very meaningful stories Parth… Keep posting more.. We all have heard such stories while growing up.. It makes more sense now that we are grown ups.. Waiting for more writings from you and Vani… Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Thanks dear Parth for sharing this story!! ..u have narrated a real lesson of life in very simple words…sometimes, we forget what we preach…your this teaching will be remembered and practiced by me from now onwards…..keep writing more stories…….

  3. Superb story Parth – you write so well ! Seems like you are an expert blogger….I found that teaching someone is the best way of practicing one’s own learning.
    Please do share more such stories soon.

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