Believe it or not! The National Anthem


I have a very strange story to share. I was so surprised to read it in the Navabharat Times. I am sure you will be surprised too!!

“It happened 100 years back. Rabindra Nath Tagore wrote a song to honour  King George V and Queen of England. This was sung in the Delhi Court when Delhi became the new capital. The song sang – ‘O King, you are the lord of Punjab, Sindh, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Dravid, Utkal, Bengal. We salute you.’

 Yes, the song is none other than our National Anthem – Jan Gan Man!!!”

Isn’t it surprising that this song was selected as India’s National Anthem? I always thought that our National Anthem was in praise of our motherland, India.

Do you think this anecdote is true?


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