Do you like stories? Have you heard this one?

One day the danavas approached God and said, “We are as hard working and competent as the devas. Even then you always take their side and sing their praise.”

God smiled and said, “Come for dinner tomorrow. You will get your answer.”

The next day, dinner was arranged for the danavas & the devas. They were seated in different rooms and served kheer (rice pudding). They were given long-handled spoons to eat, but these long-handled spoons were tied to their arms.  They could not bend their elbows.

Both the danavas & the devas tried hard to take the spoon to their mouth. But however hard they tried, they could not find a way to do it.

The devas discussed with each other and came up with a solution. They sat down in two rows facing each other. Each person in the row took the spoon and holding it forward could easily feed the person in front of him. In this way, they were able to help another person to eat, and in the process all of them were able to enjoy the kheer.

The danavas did not think of helping each other and could eat nothing. They were all very angry. They complained.

God took them to the other room.  They saw that even the devas could not eat the kheer on their own, but they were all helping the other person in front of them to eat. This way they had  all been able to have their share.

God said, “This is the difference between you and the devas. They are superior to you because they think of others and help others. But you only think of yourself.”

In today’s times, we think of ourselves and how we can get the best for ourselves. We have forgotten that many  times, we can find happiness by thinking about others and doing things for others. It is also true, that every good deed will come back to us and do good to us.

Swami Vivekananda always said, ” They only live who live for others.”


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