(being Indian) God Helps those who show full faith in Him

Story of the week:

Prophet Ibrahim (known as Abraham in Bible) was visited byAllah’s main angel Gibrail (Gabriel) at night. Gibrail told Ibrahim that Allahwanted him to sacrifice his most beloved thing for the sake of Allah.

Ibrahim kept thinking on what to sacrifice and then realizedthat he loved his son the most in the world. His son’s name was Ismail. Hebecame very sad and did not know what to do. Ismail saw his father’s worrisomestate and asked him the reason. Ibrahim told his son about the wish of Allah.Ismail immediately got ready to be sacrificed and convinced his father tofulfill his duty to Allah.

On the chosen day, Ibrahim took Ismail to a small hill. Heasked his son to blindfold him because he could not see his son being sacrificed.Ismail lay down on the ground and directed his father’s knife at his ownthroat. With a heavy heart, Ibrahim drove the knife.

Immediately he heard the crying of a goat. On removing hisblindfold, he saw that his son Ismail was standing beside him smiling whileAllah replaced a goat beneath Ibrahim’s knife. Till today, this event iscelebrated as the festival of Eid-ul-Azha (Bakri-Eid) throughout the world.

This story  lays the foundation of our beliefs (across all regions) in India.

  1. God always helps his true followers to come out ofmost difficult situations with flying colors and He is the most merciful.
  2. True followers obey his command without questioning.
  3. He always tests the loyalty of his true followerswith extreme difficulties.
  4. Obedient sons / daughters can lay their lives infulfilling their parents’ wishes or in removing their sufferings.
This story has been contributed by Professor Asif Zameer,  Chairman (PGP) FORE School of Management. Professor Zameer  is a teacher who is passionate about developing kids into better and successful human beings.

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