STORIES: Birbal shortens the Road!


I like this story very much. Its name is Birbal shortens the road. Hope you like it too!


One day, when Emperor Akbar was travelling with his courtiers he got very impatient and restless. It was a long journey and the sun was very hot. He suddenly said, “Can anyone shorten this road for me?”

“I can, your majesty,” said Birbal. All the courtiers looked at each other. They knew that there was no other road to their destination.

“Really! Can you shorten the road?” asked the delighted emperor. “Good. Then do it now,” he added.

“I will,” responded Birbal. “First listen to this story.”

Birbal started to tell a long and interesting story. It was so intriguing that the emperor and all the courtiers listened with close attention. Before they knew they had reached the destination.

The story was not yet finished when Birbal announced, “Your Majesty! We have reached our destination.”

“What! We have reached already?” exclaimed Akbar with disbelief. The other courtiers were also surprised and happy to see their destinations.

“Your Majesty, you wanted the road to be shortened and that is exactly what i did!” said Birbal and smiled.

Akbar was very happy. He was also proud to have a wise and witty minister.

The exchange between Akbar The Great (Mogul emperor) and Birbal (his minister) have become folk stories in Indian tradition and illustrate day-to-day questions through for wisdom, wit and subtle humour.

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