STORIES: Ring in the Well


Birbal is so smart. Enjoy the story – Ring in the Well.


One day, Emperor Akbar and Birbal went for hunting with some courtiers. Suddenly, Akbar’s ring fell into a dry well.

Akbar liked to test Birbal in odd situations. ‘Birbal, can you take out my ring without entering the well?” he Akbar.

Birbal tried to think of a way. Finally he said, “Your Majesty! It can be done but it will take time.”

“You can take as much time as you want,” replied Akbar with a smile on his face.

Birbal asked the courtiers to bring a cow. When the cow was brought, Birbal gave it some grass to eat. Then the cow passed fresh dung. Birbal picked it up and threw it on the ring in the well.

Akbar was watching with amazement. “What are you doing with the cow dung?” he asked.

“Please wait and watch,” said Birbal. The courtiers thought that Birbal had gone out of his mind.

Birbal then tied a stone on one end of a string, and holding the other end in his hand threw the stone on the dung.

He waited for the dung to dry up. When it had dried, he pulled the string out of the well. The string brought the stone which was stuck to the dung. The dung had the emperor’s ring at its bottom. Akbar was astonished.

“Your Majesty! Here is your ring. I have brought it out without entering the well,” said Birbal.

Akbar was all praise for Birbal. He gave the ring to Birbal as a reward.

The exchange between Akbar The Great (Mogul emperor) and Birbal (his minister) have become folk stories in Indian tradition and illustrate day-to-day questions through for wisdom, wit and subtle humour.

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