STORIES: The Dream


This is so funny!! I could not stop laughing. Enjoy the Akbar & Birbal story and their dream.


Emperor Akbar was feeling bored one day. He decided to have some fun. He said, “I had a dream last night.”

“Birbal and I were walking together on a moonless night,”  said Akbar as he started to narrate the dream. “It was very dark. We could not even see other. We collided and fell,” he added.

“Luckily,” said the emperor mischievously, “I fell into a pool of kheer. But can you guess where Birbal fell?”

“Where, your Majesty?” asked the courtiers with curiosity.

“A gutter!” said Akbar smilingly.

Everyone started laughing.

The emperor was very happy. He felt that for once he had managed to make Birbal look like a fool.

Birbal frowned but kept quiet. When the laughter died down, he said patiently, “Your Majesty! Strangely, I too had the same dream. But i slept on till the end.”

“After we climbed out we found that there was no water to clean ourselves. Do you know what we did?” he added.

“What?” asked the emperor.

Everyone looked at Birbal wanting to know what happened next.

“We licked each other clean!” Birbal said smilingly. “I licked the sweet kheer on your face while you licked the stinking water on my face.”

All the courtiers started to laugh but tried hard to hide it from the emperor by putting their hands on their mouth.

And Emperor Akbar! He became red with embarrassment and resolved never to try and get the better of Birbal again.

The exchange between Akbar The Great (Mogul emperor) and Birbal (his minister) have become folk stories in Indian tradition and illustrate day-to-day questions through for wisdom, wit and subtle humour.

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