Fun with Science! The food we eat is full of Acids…

When we think of acids, we think of caustic burns and irritations. But isn’t, it intriguing that the daily foods we eat contain acids – and that too so many different acids.

Tomato, SpinachOxalic acids
Vinegar Acetic acid (also known as Ethanoic acid)
Orange, Lemons (& other citrus fruits)Citric acid
Tamarind, GrapesTartaric arcid
Curd Lactic acid
Vitamin C Nothing but Ascorbic acid (and it is different from critic acid!)
Fizzy drinksCarbonic acid
ColaPhosphoric acid ( Cola is more acidic than lemon juice or vinegar!)
ApplesMalic acid 

Fun with Science! Two Organisms in One, that is a Lichen.

Lichen is not one organism, but two organisms that live together and help each other – a fungus and an algae in a symbiotic relationship.

Interesting, isn’t it. They are found on tree barks, exposed rock, and biological soil crust. Lichens are used by humans as food and as sources of medicine and dye.

For many years, scientists classified them as a single organism – but the association of fungi with algae or cyanobacteria became evident with advent of microscopy. There is still some discussion on how to classify lichens.

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(Nana-ke-Bol) being curious – about everything…


Acute observation, obsessive study and experimentation, indefatigable curiosity, inventive imagination – that’s what sets the scientists apart… and skills we aspire for…


‘दुनिया’ को उत्सुक आँखों से देखो
देखो इसके बदलते रंग
अगर सफलता को पाना है तो
चलना सीखो इसके संग

हर वस्तु में कारण सोचो
ढूँढो उनमें प्रकृति की गुण
इन्ही गुणों को अपना कर के ही
वैज्ञानिक करते अद्भुत ‘अन्वेषण’

‘न्यूटन’ ने फल को गिरते देखा तो
हमें समझाया ‘गुरुत्वाकर्षण’
‘जेम्स-वाट’ ने उबलते पानी से ही
पहचाना ‘भाप-शक्ति’ का गुण
‘बेंजामिन’ ने पतंग के माध्यम से ही ढूँढी थी
बादलों में ‘विद्युत-तरंग’

ऐसे ही मानव-मन की जिज्ञासा से
खुलते हैं प्रकृति के रंग