“नाना” की बातों को सुनकर, मन में उठा विचार |

“नाना के बोल” पहुंचें तुम तक भी, कैसे करें प्रचार |

“इन्टरनेट” एक माध्यम ऐसा, जिसका मिला आधार

दूर-दूर तक इससे होगा,  आदर्शों का संचार |

हम सब मिलकर सीखेंगे, और करेंगे मधुर विचार

आचार-विचार सुधारकर अपने, सबका हो उधार ||


We are from India. Lets discover what makes us so special!

We will share lots of stories with you. Some stories are about India. They tell us about our past. Other stories are from our scriptures. They teach us simple things. Lets  find out more about our values.

You can join us and together we will create our own book of  being Indian.

Together we will chronicle our journey – the journey to find out who we are and who we will be...


We will learn more every day.  We will change what is not good.  We will become better. We will move ahead. We will create the new India!


We are all faced with the emergence of the connected society – one that knows no geo-political boundaries and has lost most of its earlier cultural barriers. Identities are getting merged and we are all going through internal struggles on defining our individual, cultural and national identities.

The change calls for us to look deep within to identify our core values and beliefs; to assimilate the external influences and go through the painful process of churn – preserve, change, destroy or create – the churn needed to create our new identity – an identity that is grounded in core values, built on new learning, and expanded to fit into the changed global and social dynamics – an identity that takes us forward.

4 comments on “ABOUT US

  1. Vani very good work yaar awesome things and facts i really like the facts and other things keep it up Vani and Parth great work keep it up

  2. awesome platform to sentisize ourself and add core values to our life.It is really required to create a safe and sound surroundings.

  3. Nice website, and nice objective … The society certainly needs that purity/morality of children is protected and maintained by means of story telling, and/or Yoga/Meditation and/or other means …..

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