DID YOU KNOW? Blue Mountains in India


How are the Blue Mountains in India better known?

Can you guess?

The answer is “The Nilgiri Hills’.

It is a mountainous region of the state of Tamil Nadu and is part of the Western Ghats. The peaks of Nilgiri rise abruptly from the surrounding plains to an elevation of 1800-2400 m.


DID YOU KNOW? Earth is round – who first said it?



Do you you who is the first person (an Indian) to propose that the earth is spherical and rotated on its axis?

It was Aryabhatta. He was an astronomer and one of the earliest Indian mathematicians and wrote Aryabhatiya in 499 A.D, which was written in verse couplets and summarized mathematics known in his time. He was one of the first to use Algebra also.


DID YOU KNOW? Planets got their names from Roman Mythology!



All planets except for Earth got their names from the Roman Mythology.

Mercury  : God’s Messenger (Winged God of Travel)

Venus      : Goddess of Love

Mars        : God of War

Jupiter    : King of the Gods

Saturn     : Father of Jupiter (also the God of Farming)

Uranus   : God of the Heaven

Neptune : God of the Sea

The name Earth is of English/German origin and simply meaned “Grounded”

Isn’t this interesting?