FUN & GAMES: Quiz on Madhya Pradesh!



Here are some questions on Madhya Pradesh. Hope you enjoy them!


1. Name 5 rivers which flow through Madhya Pradesh?

2. Which plateau falls in the north – west of Madhya Pradesh?

3. Which place in Madhya Pradesh is known for Buddhit Monuments?


Check out the answers!

1. Narmada, Chambal, Tapi, Son, Betwa.

2. Malwa plateau

3. Sanchi

FUN & GAMES: Quiz on Assam!


How much do you know about Assam? Let’s find out from these amazing quiz questions on Assam.


1. Assam is the biggest source of mineral oil in the country. True or False?

2. Which famous Tiger reserve in Assam is also a UNESCO World Heritage site?

3. Which place in Assam is the gateway to Eastern India?

Check out the answers!

1. True

2. Manas Tiger Reserve

3. Guwahati