INSIGHTS: Sanskrit Speech on making India a World Leader…

It is really quite difficult to express ideas as fluently in Sanskrit – but in the end the challenging process of writing was as much fun as the participation. And, I learnt about some of the new initiatives taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it was quite inspiring.

See if you agree with my viewpoint… here is what I said in my speech in Sanskrit.

I spoke at the inter school event at The Mother’s International School and won the second prize. The topic:

भारतं विश्वगुरुं कर्तुम् अस्माकं प्रधानमंत्रिणः प्रयासः

(The initiatives undertaken by the Prime Minister to make India a World Leader)

INSIGHTS: Knowledge increases by Sharing

In today’s world where everyone believes that Knowledge is power, we should remember the words from our scriptures…

सरस्वती के भण्डार की बड़ी अनोखी बात |

ज्यों-ज्यों खर्चे त्यों-त्यों बढ़े बिन खर्चे घट जात  ||


The treasure of knowledge has a remarkable uncommon characteristic, more the knowledge is shared, more it increases; if hoarded it just decreases!

INSIGHTS: Tolerance

This doha from Sant Kabir Das reminds us to be tolerant to others. ..

दोस पराए देखि करि, चला हसन्त हसन्त 

अपने याद न आवई, जिनका आदि न अंत 

It says: We laugh when we see shortcomings in others, but we forget our own list of shortcomings.