We started young (read about us below –  The Founding Editors) and over the years have grown into young adults. Our passion to learn about our culture and our values is still strong. But we have also started to bring new ideas from our own experiences.

We are the Chintan Manthan team.



Vani Kumar


I am a student of Class XII at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, New Delhi studying Science and Mathematics.

Music is my first love and I play the Piano & Keyboard. I learn Western Classical and Indian Classical music and enjoy combining the both.

I stay fit by playing Badminton every day.






Parth Kumar

I am now 13 years old and studying in Class IX at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, New Delhi.

My love for writing has grown and I have published two books – both filled with adventure, magic and fun. You can find more about my books at

I love all languages – English, Sanskrit, Hindi and have even started learning French.

I play the flute and still love Lego.




Nana papa

Nana papa is our personalized Encyclopedia! He has a ready story to tell on every subject, sometimes when he cannot recall anything appropriate he simply combines the messages from different stories to create a new one, or composes  a fresh poem or a song – ALL ONLY FOR US. We don’t have to go out and search on Google.

And believe it or not, Nana is not a writer or an author, but a cardio-thoracic surgeon. He knows more stories than everyone else we know put together.



The Founding Editors

many years ago, when they started…

Parth – Our Young Editor

Chintan Manthan

Vani – Our Young Editor







Hello, I am Vani Kumar a student of Class VI in Delhi Public School R.K Puram New Delhi.

My hobbies are playing lawn tennis, playing the keyboard, reading, playing cricket, watching sports on TV and now of course blogging about our culture, traditions, heritage & all topics close to my heart. I hope you will join me on this exciting journey.

Hi! I’m Parth Kumar. I study in Class III-B, Delhi Public School East Of Kailash.

My hobby is to write.

When I posted some of the posts, my heart felt nice.

I love playing with lego blocks and making new things.

Goodbye, enjoy our website.



8 comments on “Young EDITORS

  1. Thank you Parth and Vani for making me (more) aware and learned….

    Gratitude Nana Papa…

    You have contributed to my life ….

    • We took the picture on our last holiday when we had gone to Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The scene captures one of the green views at Havelock Island (around the Sea Shells resort). It shows Parth on his own exploration!

  2. Dear Vani & Parth,

    Great work ……. keep it up always….
    Ur creativity and thoughts are just too impressive…

    Nisha Ilyas

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