Nana ke BOL

Most of the children in India grow up on the standard set of nursery rhymes – Jack and Jill, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Humpty Dumpty, Chandamama. The words may be fun, the rhythm catchy, but a lot more could be added thru meaningful words or insightful lyrics.
We recognize the power of this medium of poems and have started a journey to explore and create a new set of poems that make children learn about the environment, understand the values and belief system and build an initial sense of national pride.
We have started with a focus on 4 areas:
  1. Popular children stories that are losing their appeal with the advent of the new TV shows. Each of these stories bring out a value that is still as relevant as in the past and we need to inculcate in the young generation.
  2. Simple description of the world around us – our surroundings & environment that build a higher degree of awareness, association and understanding. This would cover everything from nature, animals, etc.
  3. India-centered themes that help us to know more about the country, our rich culture, heritage and potential.
  4. Stories from around the world that inspire us and give us the confidence to believe.
We are starting with Hindi – simply because the mother tongue gives us the freedom and flexibility to experiment more. It is also easier to build our cultural associations within our own language (use of English sometimes makes it sound as an imposition on our personality).
This is an initial attempt and we hope to grow it over time and add more of our inherent values and beliefs – that we should all be proud of,  an evolve to build our future legacy.



  1. Lion and the Mouse
  2. The Cunning Monkey
  3. The Smart Crow
  4. Pigeons and the Hunter
  5. Monkey and the Topiwala
  6. Grapes are Sour!
  7. Rabbit and the Tortoise
  8. The Clever Rabbit
  9. Foolish Tortoise
  10. The two Parrots
  11. True Learning – A story from Mahabharata…
  12. Look for the good in people! A story from Mahabharata…
  13. Friendship – Two stories from Mahabharata
  14. Brahma’s Instructions
  15. The story of the Dhruv-Tara (Pole-Star)!
  16. Remember the good deeds of others – Always!
  17. Guru Dronacharya taught – Apply what you Learn!
  18. Guru Dronacharya taught – Focus on the target, Always!
  19. Honour your word – always!
  20. The one who saves owns the right, not the one who kills: A Buddha Story
  21. Unity is Strength – A story of bundle of sticks!
  22. Control drives Progress
  23. Beauty vs Ability – The Big Question?
  24. Just being capable is not enough!
  25. Keep Good Company – Always!
  26. Jesus reminds us to be forgiving…
  27. Why is the needle bigger than the scissors?


  1. Colours of Life
  2. Water Cycle
  3. Rainbow – A Symbol of Unity in Diversity
  4. Good Morning!
  5. The Elephant
  6. Our Earth and the Big Universe!
  7. Trees – our inspiration!


  1. DELHI – Our Pride
  2. INDIAN FLAG continues to be our INSPIRATION
  3. Our Teachers
  4. Our School – Our Pride
  5. eNana-ke-Bol – Sharing through the e-highway
  6. Children’s Day
  7. What happened to our values and our respect for women?
  8. Republic Day
  9. Our teachers help us to find ourselves!
  10. On Republic Day


  1. Ganpati Bappa Morya
  2. Navratri Sandesh
  3. Dushera – The Message to Remember
  4. Valmiki Jayanti
  5. 5 days of Festivities (Day #1 Dhanteras)
  6. 5 days of Festivities (Day #2 Choti Diwali)
  7. 5 days of Festivities (Day #3 Diwali)
  8. 5 days of Festivities (Day #4 Govardhan Puja)
  9. 5 days of Festivities (Day #5 Bhai Dooj)
  10. Diwali
  11. Guru Nanak Jayanti
  12. Christmas is here again!
  13. Happy New Year 2013!
  14. Lohri
  15. Makar sankranti
  16. Eid-ul-Milad
  17. Mauni Amavasya
  18. Basant Panchmi
  19. Shivaratri
  20. Holi Hai!
  21. Easter Sunday
  22. Baisakhi
  23. Ram Navmi
  24. Mahavir Jayanti
  25. Ramzan and Eid
  26. On Janamashtmi Today
  27. Ganesh Chaturthi reminds us of the power of forgiveness…
  28. On Dusshera…
  29. Happy Diwali
  30. On Guru Nanak Jayanti yesterday…
  31. On Basant Panchmi today
  32. Learning to Live… from the Nataraj form of Shiva…
  33. Happy Holi!
  34. On Navratri
  35. On Ram Navmi
  1. Mahatma Gandhi – Our Inspiration
  2. Swami Vivekananda – Guiding us to live a purposeful life
  3. Eklavya
  4. Sant Kabir
  5. Abraham Lincoln
  6. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
  7. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
  8. Lord Buddha
  9. The Secret of Gandhi ji’s Strength
  2. Garmi ki Chutiyan (Summer Holidays)
  3. Holiday at Nature Farm
  4. Birthday Picnic
  5. Birthday Wishes
  6. 12.12.12
  7. Superstitions! (Dooms Day)
  8. Learning to control our Anger
  9. Happy Birthday – Lucky to be 7 today!
  10. The King of Seasons – Spring!
  11. Holiday at Coorg (Kodagu)!
  12. Do not be afraid of difficulties, they help us to become who we are!
  13. Think Positively – Always!
  14. Our Actions define us…
  15. Rain
  16. God is within us!
  17. Science for Progress
  18. Birthday Wishes
  19. Why do we shout when we are angry?
  20. Election – A responsibility!
  21. 2014: Our dream…
  22. Two sides of a mirror
  23. Being curious – about everything
  24. (Nana-ke-Bol) Gita – what I have learnt…


  1. (Nana ke Bol) Birthday Picnic 03.11.2012
  2. (Nana-ke-Bol) 03.11.2013
  3. (Nana-ke-Bol) 03.11.2014
  4. (Nana-ke-Bol) 03.11.2015
  5. (Nana-ke-Bol) 03.11.2016
  6. (Nana-ke-Bol) 03.11.2017
  7. (Nana-ke-Bol) 03.11.2018

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