STORIES: Birbal goes Missing


Another Akbar-Birbal Story…

One day emperor Akbar and Birbal had a quarrel. In a fit of rage, Akbar ordered, “Get out of my court. Leave the city of Agra. I do not even want to see your face.”

Birbal was hurt. He left theĀ  palace and vowed never to return. All the courtiers were delighted to see the back of Birbal.

As days passed, Akbar started missing Birbal. He wanted to call Birbal back but did not know where he was.

Suddenly, an idea came to his mind. He made an announcement, “Anyone who comes to the court in half-sunlight and half-shade, will get a thousand gold coins.”

The news spread all over the kingdom.

One day a villager came carrying a string cot placed on his head.

“You Majesty! I have walked in the sun, but at the same time i was in the shade of the strings of the cot. I have fulfilled your terms.”

Akbar was surprised. He thought, “This cannot be this man’s idea. Only Birbal can think like this.”

“This cannot be your idea,” fumed Akbar and threatened, “Tell me who is behind it or I will put you in jail.”

The villager trembled with fear and confessed, “My Lord, the idea was suggested to me by a stranger living with me.”

Akbar heaved a sigh of relief. He was very happy. He immediately sent his messengers to fetch Birbal.

It was a sight to see the reunion of Akbar & Birbal.

The exchange between Akbar The Great (Mogul emperor) and Birbal (his minister) have become folk stories in Indian tradition and illustrate day-to-day questions through for wisdom, wit and subtle humour.