(being Indian) HELP EVER. HURT NEVER.

here’s another story…

One day Sardar Ranjit Singh, the ruler of Punjab, was touring the city with his army chief and crossed an orchard. A stone flew out of the orchard and  hit him on the forehead. 

Everyone was very angry. The army chief ordered a search to find the person responsible for throwing the stone.

Next day, an old woman was brought before the king. She was trembling with fear. She apologized and said, “My grandson was very hungry. He had not eaten anything for the last 3 days. I did not have any money and came to the orchard looking for something to eat for him.” She added, “Seeing a fruit on the tree, I threw a stone to try and get the fruit for my grandson. I am sorry that the stone hit you”

Ranjit Singh was silent for some time. Everyone expected a hard punishment to be given to the old woman, However, they were surprised when the king ordered for food and money to be given to the old woman.

Ranjit Singh said, “Look at the tree. It gives a fruit back even when it is hit. I should learn from it. I should also help the needy.”

It was a great act. He was kind and fair in his judgement.

How many of us today can think of helping the person who hurts us?

We should all learn from Sri Sathya Sai Baba who says, “Help Ever. Hurt Never.”