(being Indian) Shabad on Guru Nanak Jayanti


I learnt these shabads!. We will sing in the assembly tomorrow (27th November) to celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti in school. We have a holiday on 28th.

It tells us to remember God and always have faith in Him.


जो मांगे ठाकुर अपने ते

सोई-सोई देवै|

नानक दास मुःख ते जो बोले

इहा-उहा सच होवे ।

जो मांगे ठाकुर अपने ते

सोई-सोई देवै |

जिसके सिर ऊपर तू स्वामी

सो दुःख कैसा पावे

मोल न जाणे माया मद माता

मरना चीत न आए ।

I asked Nana to explain what it means:

[1] God gives  whatever is asked from Him. Whatever Nanak speaks becomes true here and hereafter.

[1] One who  has You over his head, O Lord, how can he suffer any pain. When  intoxicated with Maya, he doesn’t know how to speak and he doesn’t remember death.