The bigBOOK

We have captured everything that we have learnt so far into our bigBOOK ! We will keep adding more as we learn every day.


  1. Do good. What you do defines you.
  2. They only live who live for others.
  3. Believe in yourself. Each one of us can make the difference. Lets act.
  4. God helps those who show full faith in Him.
  5. Our duty is to work hard and try our best.  We should not think of results but focus on action.


  1. Be patient.
  2. Be truthful – always. Nothing is bigger than the truth.
  3. Practice what you learn.
  4. Look for goodness in others.
  5. Be a true friend.
  6. Forgive others. Every good deed leads to be a positive response.
  7. Look beyond (the obvious). Everything cannot be seen.


  1. Help ever. Hurt never.
  2. Share with others. Give to the needy.
  3. We the People – People build the nation.

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