Our goal is to take this journey of exploration with all our friends and to build new friends in the process.

We want to learn from each other and build a common view on all that is relevant today and important for the future. We will keep looking for new ideas – always.

We invite all of you to join us, share your views and contribute to this process of deliberation (chintan) and churn (manthan).

We are a small fraternity today but look to grow.

Our  current contributors:

  1. Asif uncle (Professor Asif Zameer, Chairman (PGP) FORE School of Management) is a teacher who is passionate about developing kids into better and successful human beings.
  2. Dr. Kokil Jain is a Professor of Marketing and has a keen interest in the area of branding and consumer behaviour. She also enjoys helping and guiding students to do research projects in these areas. 
  3. Dr Ruchika Gupta (Associate Professor and HOD (Management), Amity Business School, AUGN) is a teacher by passion. She enjoys being with students – teaching, guiding and mentoring them.

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